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Good Storytelling Wins Over Movie Audiences Updated: 2008-06-16 12:00:00 KST

Good Storytelling Wins Over Movie Audiences
We all know big budget movies don't necessarily translate into big hits.
Even if the film is smaller in scale with no-name actors, some low-budget film directors believe they can win over the audience if their works have a great story.
Nam Kiyung has more.
A motion picture production is in progress at a school that's nestled near the bottom of Jiri Mountain in southern Korea.
The coming-of-age film is about a group of children at a rural elementary school in the 1970s.
The film's total budget is about half a million US dollars.
By Hollywood standards that's chump change and a very low-budget film compared to other Korean movies, which cost on average four to six times more.
The film's director Bae Haeseong, however, is unfazed by how little money he has at his disposal.

[INTERVIEW : Bae Haeseong, Film director] ''My friends jumped right in to help me make this film because of its story.''

The director is just grateful for the conviction of his staff and actors who long to make a quality film with a tight story despite the low pay and difficult working conditions.
On the film set, the 50-something filmmaker is also known as the ''OK director'' because he rarely calls for a retake so as to save on expensive rolls of film.

[INTERVIEW : Park Chulmin, Actor] ''More low-budget movies will spring up if the work is judged by the public and not by film distributors.''

Multimillion dollar budget movies haven't always turned into blockbusters just as low-budget films have become the toast of Tinseltown.
Directors like Bae want to prove just that.

Nam Kiyung, Arirang News.
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