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Korean Hit Dramas Shown in Laos Updated: 2008-05-05 12:00:00 KST

Korean Hit Dramas Shown in Laos
Following the introduction of three local dramas last year, everything about Korea from pop music to motor vehicles are taking off in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos.
Shin Haejoo has more on the latest nation to be struck by the ''Korean Wave'' of culture.
In the southeast Asian country Laos, just about anything made in Korea seems to catch on.
Interest in Korea started with the launching of three Korean hit drama series in Laos last November as part of the Korea Broadcasting Commission's project to increase Korean presence in the region.
The shows that aired are two historic TV dramas,''Hwang Jini,'' which tells the true story of a legendary Korean entertainer during the Joseon Dynasty, and ''Dae Jang Geum,'' which is a fictional twist on the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty.
The last one is a modern story ''Stairway to Heaven'' with a plot that resembles the old Cinderella tale.
Active ties between the two country's broadcasting systems began last year with the signing of an MOU, or memorandum of understanding, in Seoul.
That kick-started support by the Korea Broadcasting Commission, which donated almost a hundred-thousand US dollars worth of broadcasting facilities to Laos' state-run television network and its cultural ministry.
Continued exposure to Korean culture through collaborations like these have led to better business in Laos for Korean companies.
Nowadays it's easier to find more Korean-made cars and an increase in demand at record stores in Laos for modern Korean pop music.

Shin Haejoo, Arirang News.
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