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Evaluation of the diplomatic developments during first 100 days of Yoon administration Updated: 2022-08-17 17:22:55 KST

Over the past three months, there have been evident changes to the situation on the Korean Peninsula, with President Yoon Suk-yeol having one-on-one's with many heads of states already, including those of NATO countries.
But one clear change compared to the previous administration, is a stronger alliance with the U.S., and heightened tensions with North Korea.

So how can we evaluate the Yoon administration's diplomatic achievements over the first hundred days in office? And what can be improved upon throughout the rest of Yoon's term?

For this we have our go-to diplomacy expert, Dr. GO Myong-hyun, Senior Fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies joining us here in the studio.
Good evening, Dr. Go. Thank you for coming on.

1. A hundred days have passed since the Yoon administration took office. Dr. Go, you've been following the diplomatic developments, how would you rate the government's achievements so far?

2. Unlike the former Moon Jae-in administration which had tried to balance its relations between China and the U.S., South Korea's new administration seems to be more focused on strengthening its relations with the U.S. What do you think are the positive effects of such a direction?

3. The Yoon administration's decision to develop its relations with Washington into a global comprehensive strategic alliance has inevitably raised risks with its ties with China. Now with this, there are concerns that unstable ties with China could hamper the peace process on the Korean Peninsula.
How do you think should the Yoon administration approach with its diplomacy with Beijing moving forward?

4. Earlier, President Yoon unveiled the details of the government's "audacious plan" to hep North Korea once it fully decides to denuclearize.
The plan includes aide to the North in terms of resources, food, water supply and healthcare.
How did you see this? Which in particular caught your attention?

5. And what are the chances of Pyeongyang accepting Seoul's audacious plan? We've also heard of news that the North fired cruise missiles today. How can we interpret this?

6. A few days ago, the North Korean leader's sister Kim Yo-jong blamed the spread of COVID-19 in the North on South Korea and warned of intense retaliation.
Pundits see this as a strategic move aimed at justifying its military provocations. Do you agree? And why do you think she made those comments at that time in particular?

Thank you for your insights.
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