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Artificial intelligence tactile sensor helps detect 96% of breast cancer Updated: 2022-08-18 07:03:51 KST

And a group of local researchers has come up with a technology to detect breast cancer with an accuracy rate of 96-percent.
Lee Eun-jin reports.

This sensor looks like an ordinary semiconductor chip.
However, when pressed against an object, the sensor produces electrical signals of different frequencies, indicating how hard or soft the object is.
Researchers have been able to determine and standardize the frequency change according to the hardness of the object.
This is the first time that a tactile sensor has been developed to accurately distinguish the hardness level.

Humans can easily distinguish the hardness level, but it is very difficult to make a device that can distinguish hardness. However, it is significant that we have further developed a technology that can quantify the hardness level.

Combining the tactile sensor and AI, researchers are now able to screen for breast cancer.
A special ultrasound sensor image that shows the degree of elasticity was used to determine whether or not the subject was positive for breast cancer.
The technology allows for a very high success rate in detecting the disease, at 95.8 percent.
The test also means people can be tested for breast cancer pain-free, with just simple touch of the sensor.
This technology is expected to be useful not only for cancer diagnosis, but also for recognizing the boundary of invasion of tumors or diseases in robotic surgery where doctors cannot touch the surgical site.
Lee Eun-jin, Arirang News.
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