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This week's K-Pop: New Jeans sensation, BTS' solo performance, Blackpink's comeback Updated: 2022-08-16 16:51:27 KST

This week, we have so much K-pop news to talk about, from the new K-pop girl group sensation "New Jeans", outstanding solo performances by the members of BTS, to Blackpink's much-awaited comeback.
For more, we invite Dr. Kim Young-dae, our go-to music expert and culture critic.
Dr. Kim, good to have you on the program.

1. Let's start with K-pop girl group "New Jeans". What's the reaction been like from fans both in Korea and overseas?

2. What's the driving force of the group's popularity? Does it have a unique style of music?

3. Now to BTS. Their solo performances have kicked into high gear, particularly with J-hope, Suga, and Jungkook. What stands out to you, when compared to their group activities?

4. BTS have their new "photo-folio" project out, starting with Jungkook. What exactly is this project? How are fans responding?

5. This week, Blackpink is coming back with its new song "Pink Venom" and concept teasers have been already released.
How are fans reacting to this?

Dr. Kim, many thanks for your insights.
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