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On-Point: Samsung reveals Galaxy Fold and Flip4, will it keep its place as leader in the niche market? Updated: 2022-08-11 05:34:33 KST

It's time for ON-Point, where we speak to experts to delve deeper into some of the key issues in the spotlight right now.
As you just saw last night, at the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Unpacked event new versions of the Galaxy fold and Galaxy flip.,, excuse the pun, were 'unfolded'.
Claiming that nearly 10 million foldables were shipped in 2021, Samsung is trying to get a stronger grip on this niche market.
So how do the new versions of Galaxy flip and fold look? And, does the new model hold up to its predecessor's legacy?
To discuss these latest models and more, we have Choi Jae-bong the Chair Professor at Service Design Department of Sungkyunkwan University with us today.
Good morning!
1. First, could you explain to us what improvements have been made to the latest flip and fold models?
2. Many people questioned the phone's hinge, saying it may get in the way of using the phone due to the line across the middle of the screen. That line seems to be getting less noticeable as upgrades are made. What is the secret behind these displays being able to fold? Not many seem to be able to do it
3. Apple and other mobile phone companies are trying to compete with Samsung in this market as well how are they doing with their own models?
4. The smartphone market has had some difficulties. Of course, globally, the semiconductor supply chain has been hard to manage. Do you see any issues with demand for these new models being met?

Thank you so much for being with us, have a good rest of the day.
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