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Pres. Yoon calls for all-out efforts to respond to damage caused by heavy downpours Updated: 2022-08-10 08:13:27 KST

Speaking in response to South Korea's most torrential downpours in living memory, President Yoon Suk-yeol is calling for "all-out" efforts to protect lives and property.
On Tuesday, he also visited sites where people living in basement flats died, and ordered measures to try and prevent such incidents happening again.
Kim Bo-kyoung reports.

After some of the heaviest rainfall South Korea has ever seen, President Yoon Suk-yeol on Tuesday asked related ministries to respond with their "all-out efforts."
The President's remarks came at an emergency meeting which he presided over instead of his original schedule a Cabinet meeting in Sejong.
Though natural disasters are inevitable, he stressed that there should be no losses of life due to human error and that the situation should be monitored thoroughly led by the Interior Ministry.

"Preemptive measures should be drawn up for high-risk regions such as areas vulnerable to landslides and low-lands that could be flooded. Road control information depending on the weather should be promptly let known to people so that confusion and inconvenience can be minimized."

While calling for swift restoration as well as support for those affected, he added that the government must review the current disaster management system, given that downpours such as these are related to effects of the climate change.
Yoon also paid a visit to a residential building in Seoul's Gwanak-gu District where residents in the semi-basement unit died overnight due to the pouring rain.

"This area itself is low land so when Dorimcheon stream overflows, when the water level goes up, this region is directly affected."

While urging the Interior Ministry and local governments to come up with housing stability measures, for the safety of those living underground, he also called for the environment minister to develop a water level monitoring system.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Han Duck-soo too checked some of the damage and discussed restoration plans at the nation's flood control center.

There he emphasized how the country's capability is shown in times of crisis, and ordered efforts to minimize the damage and begin restoration.
He also offered consolation to around a hundred residents of Guryong Village in the Gangnam-gu district the so-called the last remaining "urban slum" in Seoul who were forced to evacuate.
And called for measures to protect those in areas vulnerable to flooding.

Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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