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KORAIL conducts successful test run of 777 meter-long Grand Cargo Train Updated: 2022-08-10 08:14:20 KST

South Korea's state-run railroad operator has successfully tested a new freight train.
KORAIL hopes the addition to its fleet of the "Grand Cargo Train" as it's dubbed will give the company's bottom line a much-needed boost.
Lee Eun-jin has the details.

Coming out of the tunnel is a train of cargo cars pulled by two electric locomotives at the head.
Its heftiness makes surrounding vehicles and even other trains look miniature.
This train connecting 50 cargo-only cars is being called the "Grand Cargo Train".
Reaching 7-hundred-and-77 meters in length, that's just about twice the length of the KTX passenger train, which is 3-hundred-and-88 meters.
A successful test run of the Grand Cargo Train travelled 4-hundred-and-2.3 kilometers from Obong Station in Uiwang City, Gyeonggido Province to Busansinhang Station.
The cargo cars carried actual export goods and parts like electronics and car parts that the cargo train would actually be used to transport once it becomes commercialized.
KORAIL said that they pushed for the launch of this cargo train as they hope to reverse their annual loss of more than some 1-hundred-and-52.8 million U.S. dollars in logistics.
Cargo trains that have been in operation have 33 cars and expanding train to 50 cars is expected to improve transportation capacity by 52 percent.

"This train will contribute greatly to resolving our logistics deficit issue. Increasing the efficiency of cargo trains will play a major role in reducing KORAIL's debt ratio"

KORAIL will analyze results from the test operation
and make any necessary improvements with the goal of putting the Grand Cargo Train into commercialized operation by the first half of 2023.
Lee Eunjin, Arirang News.
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