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Cheong Wa Dae to be turned into S. Korea's best arts and culture landmark Updated: 2022-08-08 10:02:18 KST

The Culture Ministry here has spoken of plans to transform the former presidential office that is Cheong Wa Dae into a cultural landmark.
My colleague Kim Bo-kyoung has more on this ambitious agenda.

Cheong Wa Dae, the Blue House, is to be turned into South Korea's own version of Versailles.
The culture ministry has developed a blueprint to make the former Presidential office into an arts and culture landmark.
Detailed plans came out during minister Park Bo-gyoon's briefing to President Yoon Suk-yeol on the ministry's long-term goals last month.
The main purpose, is to recreate "a living Cheong Wa Dae" by using all the elements magnificent buildings, beautiful scenery, arboretum, and history embedded at the site.

July 21st
"Cheong Wa Dae has approached to the public as just a form of static landscape. In the next stage, Cheong Wa Dae should be given to the people as a place that's alive."

Parts of the main office building, official residence, and Yeongbingwan, where large-scale meetings and official events for state guests were held, would become exhibition sites, while preserving the original state.
This autumn, around three-hundred-40 out of the Blue House's six-hundred artworks will be displayed for people to enjoy.
They include classic artworks by Korean painting masters that have been at the site since former President Rhee Syng-man's time in 1948.

July 21st
"Art pieces that only the few enjoyed at a secretive place of power for a long time will go back to people's arms. There will be a chance for people to easily get to see Korean painting masterpieces this Fall."

The outdoor area, including Nokjiwon, will be part of a sculpture park, while historical sites and cultural heritage will be preserved.
Visitors would also get to know the history and stories related to former presidents, with the help of data collected from the committee of experts and former Presidents' sons, daughters, and relatives.

The plans were welcomed by experts in the art and culture sector, including the Federation of Artistic and Cultural Organization of Korea, saying it would transform Cheong Wa Dae from a symbol of authority into a foundation of cultural prosperity.
Adding that the Blue House itself has significant value as a cultural heritage site with a long history dating from the Goryeo Dynasty, the group said there is infinite potential to create content fusing both history and culture.
They hope the plan will play a key role in making South Korea a cultural powerhouse, and it is expected that a variety of content will be displayed there through close cooperation with the arts sector.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang news.
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