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Summer music festival featuring Korean traditional tunes 'Yeourak' is back Updated: 2022-07-07 17:24:31 KST

It's time for our usual Thursday arts and culture segment.
From today, we have a new cultural correspondent, Kim Yeon-seung, here in the studio to share with us some of the cultural events happening this month.
Yeon-seung, welcome.
What do you have for us today?

Mok-yeon, when people think of music festivals, they usually think of rock, jazz, EDM or pop.
But Korean traditional music rarely comes up as a summer festival genre.
So today, I brought to you a summer music festival featuring Korean traditional music the Yeourak festival.
For the past two years, the annual Yeourak festival had to cope with COVID-19 restrictions and was either held online or to a much smaller audience.
But now it's back to normal for the first time in three years.
The festival, held at the national theater in central Seoul, kicked off on the first of July, and it's going to stretch out until the end of this month, with different performances each week.
I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the rehearsal of yesterday's performance.
Let's take a look.

"Now that most COVID-19 curbs have been lifted, Yeourak festival has finally come back in its full form, presenting Korean traditional music in the most exciting and creative way."

This year's Yeourak festival defines itself by three key words: extend, explode, and expand.

"I wanted to create a stage where artists can spread their pent up artistic energy. These energies could extend, explode, and expand. Yeourak is where it's all going to happen."

Wednesday's performance was called "Four Dots," performed by team ReMidas and Dal:um.
Four dots represent the four string musicians who harmoniously come together to play their original music.

"Geomungo is called the top of all instruments. It really is, because it's grand, masculine, but also gender-neutral, and fitting to this era's female figure. I'm looking forward to all the wonderful colors that will be expressed through this instrument."

"If the ReMidas team who play Geomungo are 'yang,' us in the Dal:um team who play Gayageum are 'yin'. Those who watch this performance will be able to feel the harmonious balance of yin and yang."

Those who missed Wednesday's performance need not worry.
Other shows are scheduled until the 23rd of July.
And no two performances are the same.
For example, on July 20th and 21st, an orchestra will play traditional tunes in jazz form.

And for overseas music fans, the festival is coming to the UK this October.
The festival is going to be extending its music to foreign fans, exploding in excitement, and expanding its musical influence to the world.

Well, it's certainly good to hear that cultural events like this one are coming back after the COVID-19 pandemic.
What else is coming back this summer?

Mok-yeon, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival has also kicked off today, fully in-person for the first time in three years.
This year's festival opened under the theme of "Halloween in July."
So there's going to be costumes, parades, water gun fights, and dancing.
But the centerpiece of the event is, of course, movies.
The festival is going to present close to 270 films from 49 countries that are in line with the slogan, "It's okay to be weird."
It's going to be a fully packed event to say the least, and will run until the 17th of this month.
For anyone who's interested in the event, one of our reporters is at the site right now finding out everything that this dynamic film festival has to offer, so stay tuned to Arirang News to find out more.

That certainly sounds exciting.
What's new in world of K-pop?

Now this is going to be exciting news for K-pop lovers or Blackpink fans, otherwise known as "Blinks."
K-pop girl group Blackpink is coming back this August and with all four members: Lisa, Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo.
It's been quite a while since the group has released a song all together - almost two years actually - so fans will certainly be looking forward to this comeback.
YG Entertainment, the group's label, has also hinted at a world tour.
Blackpink have over 75 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, the highest among all musicians in the world.And they were the first K-pop girl group to become million sellers by selling 1.4 million copies of their first album in 2020.

All right, Yeon-seung. Thank you for the updates, and we'll look forward to seeing you in the studio next week.
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