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Extreme weather conditions worldwide due to climate change Updated: 2022-07-06 17:01:52 KST

Alongside the extreme heatwaves in South Korea, there's also been extreme weather events in many other parts of the world.
A deadly avalanche in Italy, catastrophic flooding in India, Bangladesh and Australia and record-breaking heatwaves in Europe.
Lee Ji-yoon has this story.

Floods, drought and a glacier collapse.
These are some of the extreme weather conditions we've been seeing lately around the world.
Catastrophic floods displaced millions in India and neighboring Bangladesh in recent weeks as seasonal monsoon rains came heavier and earlier than usual.
"All the houses here have been damaged by floods. Our wheat, rice, hens, cows everything has drowned. The farmlands have drowned too. The floods took away the fish from the fisheries,"

Torrential rains also battered Australia's east coast and Sydney on Tuesday, with tens of thousands of residents forced to leave their homes after rivers rose past danger levels.
Over in Italy, a heatwave triggered the collapse of a mountain glacier in the Alps on Sunday, killing seven people.
France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain all saw their monthly temperature records broken last month as temperatures hit above 40 degrees Celcius drying out soil and vegetation.
South Korea's weather officials have also issued heat wave warnings across most of the country.
So what's behind all this extreme weather?
"Global warming can intensify the El Nino and La Nina cycle and increasing the occurrences of extreme La Nina and El Nino events. So El Nino is the opposite of La Nina, it brings drought. So in a global warming scenario we need to be prepared for the possibility of a swing between drought and wet, or flood, in the following year."

El Ni o brings about unusually warm ocean temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific as opposed to La Ni a, which is a weather phenomenon that typically brings above average rainfall on the east coast.
And with the return of La Nina and El Nino weather experts warn that this sounds a loud warning that climate change is upon us.
Lee Ji-yoon Arirang News.
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