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From food nearing expiration to returned items, consumers turn to opportunities for discounted items amid inflation Updated: 2022-07-05 07:40:58 KST

In response to inflation, people are looking for ways to save money.
When it comes to food, there are even apps for discounts on items at store that are about to expire or returned goods.
Kim Do-yeon zooms in on this trend.

Inflation has been a hot topic of late globally and food prices are no exception.
To cut their spending, more consumers are signing on to apps that show discounted food items nearing their expiration date.
"Recently, prices have spiked, and lunch costs have been a burden. So I have been looking for opportunities to buy the same things at a lower cost."

Discount rates go as high as 60-percent for items that are nearing expiration or are overstocked in certain locations.
This benefits both the buyers and the sellers.
Consumers buy items at a discount while companies save the cost incurred from disposing of expired items.
Major convenience stores saw a clear rise in sales recently in May when the inflation rate hit 5-percent.
Compared to January major chains saw an up to 50-percent increase in sales.
"With the rise in consumer prices, many are looking for different ways to save money."

The trend is not limited to just expiring foods.
A company that has started a "frugal shopping" scheme, which sells items that are valued lower than the original price, has become a hit.
Sales rose by 279-percent in May compared to April.
The items are picked by employees who make sure there aren't any defects or major issues.
Reasons for the low cost usually are due to them being returned items or having small scratches that discourage consumers from wanting to pay full price.
"Buying refurbished items or used items to save money is a coping mechanism for consumers during an economically hard period."

The company says this service is only going to get bigger
And customers will be able to enjoy a wider variety of items at low prices.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News.
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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