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IN-DEPTH: Yoon returns from NATO with military cooperation agreement, major business deals Updated: 2022-07-01 17:19:01 KST

President Yoon is back from the NATO Summit, and there he and his counterparts from the United States and Japan agreed in principle to work together militarily against threats from North Korea.
He also met with other NATO leaders, and he put a lot of emphasis on values as the basis for global cooperation.
But it's a remarkable trip for a South Korean leader attending a summit with this Atlantic based alliance.
To look at some of the key takeaways, we are pleased to welcome to the program this evening Dr. Robert Kelly, Professor of International Relations at Pusan National University.

1. President Yoon met with the leaders of the U.S. and Japan and reaffirmed their cooperation on dealing with North Korea. The President also appealed to NATO in his speech for their support on North Korea issues. What has President Yoon achieved diplomatically this week in Spain?

2. What does NATO stand to gain from having South Korea take part in the summit this time, seeing as NATO is an alliance in the Atlantic and we're in the Pacific?

3. President Yoon this time also talked a lot about values, and sharing values with the members of NATO. What role do values play in South Korea's ties with the NATO countries and in geopolitics more generally, like ties with Russia and China?

4. Economically speaking, President Yoon has said his trip to NATO is part of his "sales diplomacy." He was able to secure some deals related to nuclear, for example. He's striking while the iron is hot. What do you make of the economic outcomes of the summit?

5. NATO has reached a deal to admit Finland and Sweden as members. This is a blow to Russia in terms of its strategy in Eastern Europe. Russia has warned against NATO deploying military infrastructure there. What does this mean for Russia and Finland, which share a long border, and peace prospects in Europe?
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