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Heavy rainfall expected in Seoul capital area, Gangwon-do Province Updated: 2022-06-29 11:27:49 KST

South Korea's annual monsoon season is bringing extreme weather to the country.
The Korea Meteorological Administration on Wednesday morning issued alerts for heavy rain in the north and center of the country, strong wind on the east coast, and a heatwave in the southeast.

The monsoon is expected to bring 250 millimeters of rain to the capital area and Gangwon-do Province between now and Thursday.
Around 50 to 150 millimeters of rain is expected in the west of the country, while more than 100 millimeters could fall on northern Jeollabuk-do and northern Gyeongsangbuk-do Province
The rain has saturated the ground over the past week, increasing the risk of landslides.
The Korea Forest Service said on Tuesday that people in Seoul, Gangwon-do and Gyeonggi-do Province should watch out for any landslides this week.

"People should refrain from going near buildings that are built on land cut away from the hillside, and if you are living in one of those buildings, it's important to make sure your landslide prevention structures are intact and not damaged."

In other areas of the country, people are experiencing heatwaves or strong wind.
People in the southeast of the country and Jeju island should watch out for smothering heat.
Daegu's daytime temperature will rise to 32 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.
Experts said elderly people and those working outdoors should drink lots of water and take measures to avoid heatstroke.
Meanwhile, strong wind along the east coast such as in Gangwon-do and Gyeongsangnam-do provinces will continue until tomorrow morning.

Experts said the strong wind could blow over objects such as traffic lights.
They said it is important to stay indoors while strong wind alerts are in place.
KIM Jung-sil, Arirang News.
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