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[IN-DEPTH] Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority approves TEPCO's plan to release Fukushima wastewater Updated: 2022-05-27 17:04:52 KST

Despite continued backlash from neighboring countries, Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority last week granted initial approval for the Tokyo Electric Power Company to release wastewater from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant into the sea, saying there are no safety issues.

So what happens next? And how exactly does this affect neighboring countries to Japan?

For this, we are joined on Zoom by Shaun BURNIE, Senior Nuclear Specialist at Greenpeace.
Mr. Burnie, thank you for joining us.

1. Mr. Burnie, how do you evaluate the latest decision?

2. So, what is the current situation? We hear that the final approval could be made after a one-month public comment period. So what happens next? And when do they plan to actually release the water?

3. So, this shows that the Japanese government insists that there are no safety concerns in releasing the wastewater. What's their logic? And how do environment organizations see this view?

4. What specific problems could arise from the release of the water?
=pacific region

5. In 2019, you wrote an article saying that Korea in particular will be vulnerable if Japan decides to discharge radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. Can you explain to our viewers how exactly does it affect the Korean Peninsula?

6. How do you suggest the South Korean government should do about this issue? Is there something that we can do?

Alright, let's hope the voices of neighboring countries can be better heard. Mr. Burnie, thank you for making time for us, we appreciate it.

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