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China, Russia veto UN Security Council resolution on sanctioning N. Korea Updated: 2022-05-27 17:01:23 KST

North Korea's two closest allies said "NO" to a United States-led UN resolution on Thursday.
The UN Security Council resolution would've imposed new, tougher sanctions on North Korea for its latest intercontinental ballistic missile launches.
But from the 15-member Security Council, just two, China and Russia vetoed the motion.

"The council unanimously responded to DPRK provocations with resolutions that impose sanctions and bring collective condemnation to a very real threat to peace and security. Today, two permanent members of this Council chose to veto rather than Act."

The vote comes just a day after North Korea fired three missiles following U.S. President Joe Biden's Asia trip.
China and Russia have previously delayed action behind closed doors when deciding on North Korea sanctions.
But Thursday's veto was the first time they have publicly broken unanimity in the Security Council.

"The country concerned should not place one sided emphasis on the implementation of sanctions alone, but should also work to promote a political solution."

"We're convinced that the search for mutually acceptable political diplomatic solutions is the only possible way towards a peaceful solution on the North Korean Peninsula."

The South Korean government says, it's regrettable that the resolution hasn't been passed.
Seoul's foreign ministry spokesperson Choi Young-sam pointed out the need for more sanctions to stop North Korea's nuclear tests.
Meanwhile, the Center for Strategic and International Studies believes the North could launch missiles on Memorial Day in the U.S. on Monday having already done so seven times in the past.
Lee Ji-yoon, Arirang News.
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