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Korean language institutes steadily resuming in-person classes for foreign students Updated: 2022-05-25 17:04:11 KST

Students at schools and universities are back in the classroom after over two years of online learning due to the pandemic.
And starting this summer, foreign students at Korean language institutes will be as well.

"I prefer going for learning a new language to go offline classes, because it's easier to discuss and have conversation and have dialogue, so I prefer that."

"I'm pretty excited. It's nice to get to finally meet my teachers, too. I only saw their face for about a year on screen, so it's really nice to actually get to talk to them in person. It's much more comfortable."

Korean language institutes are for foreigners who want to learn Korean and are put into classes based on their level.
During the pandemic these educational institutes had to run classes online.
But this caused some problems including student participation.
According to a survey conducted by Yonsei Korean Language Institute over 65 percent of the students who responded said that it's hard to concentrate in an online class.
64 percent of the students said lack of communication between students and their teachers is another issue.

But now institutes are beginning to welcome students back to the classrooms.

"This is one of the Korean language institutes located in Seoul. Starting this year, it has been offering online and in-person courses for foreign students and is planning to increase its number of in-person classes this semester."

A Korean language teacher of more than 7 years welcomes this new policy.

"Online classes have caused some communication issues in learning a new language. But with in-person classes resuming, more students are starting to register for Korean courses."

She also added new trends are coming up in Korean language classes.

"As more Korean language learners are planning to settle in Korea, they are getting more interested in learning about Korean culture. More than just food, they want to know about people's values and history. I'm putting more emphasis on teaching these things to my students."

She also emphasized that teachers should be more conscious of trendy buzzwords that are not in textbooks so that students can not only learn the language itself but speak like a native Korean would.
Lee Rae-hyun, Arirang News.
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