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[K-ENT.] BTS picks up three trophies at 2022 Billboard Music Awards Updated: 2022-05-17 17:16:28 KST

It's time for our K-entertainment segment where we delve into the latest Korean entertainment issues and trends.
Today, we are going to discuss the latest on the K-pop scene, specifically on BTS clinching prizes at the Billboard Music Awards for the 6th consecutive year.
Also, we will touch upon this year's Cannes Film Festival that kicked off today.

For this, we are joined by our go-to film critic Jason Bechervaise in the studio with us. Good evening, Jason.
And also Kim Young-dae, Music Critic and Ethnomusicologist via Skype. Thank you for joining us.

So first, let's start with K-pop.
1. (YOUNGDAE) BTS picked up three trophies at this year's Billboard Music Awards.
They've now won at least one Billboard award for six years in a row, and in fact, they now have the most Billboard awards of any group in history.
That's not only among Korean acts, but globally. As a fellow Korean I must say I'm so proud of them How do you read into this? What factors do you think are behind such an accomplishment?

2. (YOUNGDAE) And South Korean girl group aespa has been included in Time magazine's list of 2022 Next Generation Leaders, becoming the second K-pop act to do so after BTS. This comes as the group held an eye-catching performance at this year's Coachella festival.
What do you think about their chances of expanding even further in America?

3. (YOUNGDAE) Recently, K-pop singer AleXa won the very first American Song Contest, a spinoff of Eurovision.
AleXa beat nine other artists, including Grammy winner Michael Bolton.
She became the first time a K-pop artist to win a large-scale audition show held in the United States.
So who is AleXa? And what kind of performance did she showcase for her to win?

4. (JASON) Now turning to the film industry, the Cannes Film Festival started today, back for the first time in three years. Two Korean films have been invited to the festival's main competition category. Can you tell us what they are and how do you expect them to perform?

5. (JASON) Alongside them, "Squid Game" star Lee Jung-jae's directorial debut "Hunt" will also be on show. So a total of three films will be screened, that seems like a lot. As a film critic, why do you think these films have been chosen?

6. (YOUNGDAE) What about you, Youngdae? What do you think is the reason behind the popularity of Korean films at the Cannes?

7. (JASON) Back in 2019, Bong Joon-ho's Parasite starring Song Kang-ho grabbed the highest honor at the festival. This year, Song has again been invited to the event for the 7th time, and eyes are on whether he can win Best Actor Award for the film, the Broker. What are your thoughts?

8. (JASON) Well, good luck to to Song… Now turning to the local theaters, more and more people are returning to watch movies in theaters as distancing measures have been lifted.
Lately, Marvel's "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," hit the box office and, as of Monday has already sold nearly 5 million tickets.
What do you think is the reason behind its popularity in Korea?

Extra: (JASON) What other films are hitting the box office in the latter half of the year? What are you looking forward to? (Jurassic World etc)

Alright its time to wrap up our discussion, Jason and Young-dae thank you for your insights.
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