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ON VIEW POINT today we take a look at the impact of China's "ZERO-COVID" strategy on a host of international sports events that had been scheduled to take place in China.
For more on the situation I have Yoo Jee-ho LIVE on the LINE.
Jee-ho it's been a while.
Welcome back.
And I also have Jonathan Cheng joining this session virtually.
Jonathan it's good to have you on.

1) Jonathan let's start with a few words on the COVID-19 situation there in Beijing and efforts to contain it.

2) Now Jee-ho China's ZERO-COVID strategy has led to the postponement of Asian Games which were slated to kick off in September this year.
Was this postponement expected or was it a rather abrupt announcement that came late last week.
((The Asian Games were to be held in HANGZHOU.))

3) Jonathan China hosted the Winter Olympics in February and the Paralympics in March there in Beijing.
How are pundits there explaining the postponement of the Asian Games?

4) Jee-ho what has been the regional response to this postponement including here in South Korea?

5-1) Jonathan CLIPS of people being dragged from their homes by health workers in hazmat suits were shared on Chinese social platforms this past Sunday.
What more can you tell us about the public response to the Chinese authorities' stern stance on COVID-19?
((Shanghai's lockdown is entering its 7th week and tough restrictions continue in Beijing.))

5-2) Jonathan also on the subject of China's stance.
I'd like to get in one quick diplomatic question here.
Some pundits claim the attendance of Chinese Vice President WANG QISHAN at the inauguration of President Yoon Suk-yeol is tangible reflection of Beijing's hopes to bolster ties with Seoul under the Yoon administration.
What appears to be the general view among pundits there in China?

6) Jee-ho back on the Asian Games.
The event typically attracts more than 10-thousand athletes.
That being said I assume the ripple effects of this postponement are proving to be quite profound.
What do you say?

7) Jonathan.. despite the expansion in district lockdowns in Beijing authorities appear to be avoiding a complete lockdown like the one currently in place in Shanghai.
What are your thoughts?

8) Meanwhile Jee-ho the Asian Games are not the only games to be postponed.
The Asian Youth Games as well as the World University Games which were all scheduled to take place in China this year have EITHER been cancelled altogether OR postponed.
Do tell us more.

9) Jonathan there has been a tense exchange of words between Beijing and the global health body with the latter earlier claiming ZERO-COVID is "unsustainable" and the former accusing the WHO of "irresponsible remarks".
That being said have authorities there shared any plans on how they plan to continue to commit to a ZERO-COVID policy while keeping their economy afloat?

10) And Jee-ho I believe organizers of the Asian Games have yet to announce a new date.
What are your prospects?

All right
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