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New nano fiber tech detects and prevents gas leaks Updated: 2022-05-06 05:05:35 KST

A group of South Korean researchers have developed a type of technology that can detect gas leaks at industrial compounds.
Composed of multiple layers of nano fibers, the small metallic sheet changes color to black once it enters a glass container full of hydrochloric acid.
This time, the white sheet turned yellow when exposed to a different type of gas.
According to the developers, the sheets are coated with special nano fibers highly reactive to specific gases.

"We developed the sensor by integrating color-changing pigments to a nano fiber sheet as thin as a two-hundredth of a hair strand. With the relatively large area that the fibers can cover, they can detect even a small amount of gas."

The sensors also consist of key materials used to prevent gas leaks at semiconductor and display plants.
For the most optimal results, a set of sensors must be installed on each gas pipe, with each serving different purposes.
The first sensor would monitor the fiber's color every ten seconds,while the other would reassess the status of the gas and send a signal to the central monitoring system once it detects a leak.

When leaks occur, the sensors are designed to open up a valve to house the toxic gas inside an empty container, thus preventing any fatal accidents.

"Our color-sensing nano fiber is embedded inside a safety device that prevents gas leaks, which helps detect potential leaks in advance."

As gas leak-related incidents have taken their toll on South Korean chip and display plants, the new fiber sensors are seen as a reliable safeguard that can reduce accidents moving forward.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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