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App uses radio waves to trace COVID-19 close contacts in just 10 mins. Updated: 2022-02-21 08:03:16 KST

"How would you know if you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19?
Until several days ago, the authorities would check CCTV, QR codes, and GPS to trace people, and alert them to get tested.
But now, there’s a smartphone application that could serve the same purpose."

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology has developed a contact tracing system application that uses radio waves of mobile phones to trace close contacts.

Any public facility such as a sports stadium can sign up for the tracking service, and then ask visitors to download the app and register themselves as a visitor.
If a case of COVID-19 is found in the stadium.. its safety manager enters the infected person's ID, and the app automatically tracks down close contacts.
Instead of tracking personal GPS locations the CTS app uses radio waves.

This is how it works.
Radio wave signals differ depending on the structure and texture of an object.
When a beacon is plugged in, it sends a radio wave to the CTS app on a mobile device.
Close contacts can be easily sorted out, by comparing the radio signal of the infected person's phone and the radio signals of other people.
If a person has the same data as the infected person, they are classed as a close contact and should get tested for COVID-19.
The expert says, the CTS technology takes just 10 minutes and has around 95 percent accuracy.

"While the previous system asked all people in the same place to get a PCR test when an infection occurs this app reduces the number of people who need to get tested. We are expecting offices and factories to use the system to maintain their productivity even during the pandemic."

Whereas QR codes can only tell you if someone with COVID-19 has been in the same building, the CTS app can effectively trace close contacts even in large department stores, sports stadiums, and festivals.
With KIST already using the system in its own office stadiums, hospitals and offices are also considering adopting CTS.
Lee Rae-hyun, Arirang News.
KOGL : Korea Open Government License
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