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Zipping through the Finish Line as World's Top 4 in Autonomous Car Racing: Team KAIST Calvin Jung, Andrea Finazzi Updated: 2022-01-28 17:02:42 KST

And that very 'dynamic duo, Team KAIST - part of the Unmanned System Research Group lab from the Korea Advanced Institute for Science And Technology joins me live here in the studio.
I have to my right, Calvin Chanyoung Jung, team leader of KAIST at the Indy Autonomous Challenge and to my left, Andrea Finazzi.

Great to see you both in Seoul.

So, that more or less sums up your six, seven months journey that we just saw top off as the world's best four. You've both had some time to reflect. What are your thoughts?
Andrea, I want to begin with you. How would you describe your journey taking part in this exciting, yes, but also quite a novel project representing KAIST? Korea?

Calvin, what about yourself? I'm sure as much as you share most of your experience with Andrea, your journey carrying the responsibility of being the team lead AND having been involved in this project with your advisor, David Shim, from the very get-go, must have been a memorable one?

You and I had a brief conversation on your daily routine in Vegas and I remember you telling me that you two had to cut back as much sleep time as possible to make up for the lack of manpower.
In fact, Andrea confessed the same. What kept you guys motivated?

So, Andrea I spoke with Filippino, the team lead of PoliMOVE winner from this month's race, the Polytechnic University of Milan and he told me that ever since he became acquainted with you, he'd ask, Andrea, what are you doing in the Korean team? What do we Italy do to lose such an engineer?
So, tell me, Andrea. Why? Why are you here doing your master's in Korea and KAIST?

Now, how do we take this advanced or advancing technology from the racing tracks and apply it to our daily lives? What's the ultimate purpose of having competitions like these or developing software for high-speed autonomous cars?

Having been there yourselves having developed software for head-to-head autonomous car racing, do you think we can demonstrate multicar high-speed automation pretty soon?

As engineers, how do you foresee the landscape evolving in future mobility in the coming years? How fast can we expect change? What will that depend on?

What's next for you guys, personally?

Calvin Chanyoung Jung, Andrea Finazzi, thank you for speaking with us tonight. We appreciate it.
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