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Why you need to learn how to use a QR code in S. Korea Updated: 2022-01-14 12:21:54 KST

"Nowadays, it's hard to live in Korea not knowing how to use this…
A QR code.
This code is needed almost everywhere… from hospitals and banks.
And restaurants to even at traditional markets."

This is mostly because of the pandemic.
South Korea built the world's first blockchain-based COVID-19 vaccination verification system.
The system, known as COOV, proves people's vaccination status and is used as a vaccine pass.
While these passes are needed almost everywhere not everyone finds them easy to use.

"To scan a QR code you need to be able to see. But blind people can't do this, so they can't even visit a hairdresser. There needs to be an alternative option for them. Like installing a machine that the blind can just place their phones at, and the scanning happens automatically."

"Seniors aren't as familiar with learning how to use such technology. So we've been providing free outreach programs where we teach them how to scan a QR code and show their vaccine passes at different venues."

While there are some hurdles still left to tackle more and more industries are developing QR codes.
Like the CEO of a startup I talked to who has been trying to make every transaction possible with a scan of a QR code.

"QR codes do much more good than harm for both business owners and customers. For customers it's easier. They just need to scan a QR code to pay. Businesses also save a lot of money on credit card commission fees."

The district of Yongsan-gu has thought up a clever way to help tourists.
They've made a QR map.
A scan of a QR code opens up a VR screenwhich shows what each site and attraction offersbefore tourists go to see for themselves.

"Originally I would have to ask my friends or search online to find out which locations are the best to visit. But this QR map allows me to see what different locations look like before I've even arrived at the district."

Already a pioneer in digital technology South Korea is set on making even more improvements to its QR code system.
Shin Ye-eun, Arirang News.
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