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Micro-needles could help those with needle phobia get shots easily Updated: 2021-12-22 08:48:17 KST

Injection needles have become what we need to face often these days, as vaccination program continues to go on.
Though the extent might vary, needles not only just terrify kids, but also some adults.
This 'needle phobia' or 'trypano phobia' in other words, is one of the reasons that thwart people from getting vaccinated.
According to a recent Oxford University survey,. more than 15-thousand adults in the UK suggested needle phobia accounts for about ten-percent of Covid vaccine hesitancy.
For psychological reason, people with such phobia fear the shots just by seeing or imagining the needles and show physical reaction such as dizziness if the symptom is severe.
Good news for them.
There is an alternative way to get the shot: apply a micro-needle patch.
Countries across the world are all developing such micro-needle patches and South Korea is one of them.
Original injections might have side effects as the substance spreads through the whole body as it is administered in muscles, but this patch does not have such side effects and rather inject the medicine more efficinetly, without pain.

"Micro needles put substance just below the skin where there are many immune cells so it can maximize the immunity response more."

This means the patch safely directs the immune reaction as the substance gradually melts through skin, dissolving in the dermis layer.
No pain, but maximizing the effect in safe way.
For this reason more and more countries are actively developing the patch, and hopes are high the micro-needle patch could substitue the sharp needles.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang news.
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