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Reading between N. Korean lines with Dr. Go Myong-hyun Updated: 2021-12-15 17:03:52 KST

Kim Jong-un's leadership reaches its 10th year this week.
Meanwhile, the U.S. blacklisted North Korea's new Defense Minister.
To help us "Read between the lines" we have Dr. Go Myong-hyun in the studio.
Dr. Go, thank you for coming in today.

December 17th is the 10th anniversary of Kim Jong-un's father's death.
What were the implications, when it happened?

Back then, Kim Jong-un was yet to solidify his grip on power.
But how much has it changed and how has it impacted South Korea?

The standing committee of the Supreme People's Assembly will open the parliamentary meeting in February.
Reportedly, the focus will be on State budget and issues of adopting laws on childcare and overseas compatriots.
What else can we expect?

On Monday, the U.S. blacklisted North Korea's new Defense chief Ri Yong-gil,
on the grounds of forced labor and human rights violation.
How does it reflect the direction of the Biden administration in dealing with the regime?

Kim Yong-ju, the younger brother of North Korea's founder and once a powerful official has died, according to state media.
Can you tell us more?

Alright, that was Dr. Go Myong-hyun. Thank you for your insights, we appreciate it.
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