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Explainer: What is rocket Nuri? Updated: 2021-10-21 15:10:01 KST

Rocket Nuri is South Korea's first homegrown space launch vehicle that weighs 200 tons.
It was developed by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute using the country's own technology.
300 companies participated in the process of designing, assembling, and manufacturing all 370-thousand parts.
The rocket will enable South Korea to send its own satellites into space.

""Projectile" refers to a system that serves as transportation to move objects like satellites into the Earth's orbit. So, we need some means of transportation to send them into space. If we have our own technology, we can now launch our own satellites as we please."

The space vehicle is carrying a one.five ton mock payload that's to be launched into a low orbit of 600 to 800 kilometers.
South Korea has spent one.six-five billion U.S. dollars on the project during 11 years of development.
In 2013, South Korea successfully launched "Naro," its first-ever space vehicle, but its first stage was built using Russian technology.
The launch of Naro was successful but it was carrying a small satellite weighing around 100 kilograms.
For Nuri, the satellite is going to be one.five tons.
Also, Naro was a two-stage rocket while Nuri is three-stage.
The first stage uses four 75-ton liquid engines and in stage two, one 75-ton liquid engine.
Then in stage three, there's a seven-ton liquid engine.

"Stage one of Nuri has a thrust of 300 tons. Meaning, it requires a lot of power. We can either use one big engine or combine several small engines to create the same effect. We've never done this before. We will use four 75-ton engines together."

The launch is just the beginning of the country's space journey, so regardless of the result, it will be historical moment for South Korea.
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