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N. Korea Confirms Submarine Launch of New Ballistic Missile: Analysis Updated: 2021-10-20 17:11:01 KST

North Korea's claim of a successful launch of a new ballistic missile from a submarine
South Korea and the U.S. urged North Korea to refrain from these "provocations" with Washington saying that it remains open to engaging diplomatically with North Korea over its weapons programs.
Let's talk about it. Live in the studio with me is Dr. Go Myong-hyun, our senior North Korea analyst at the Asan Institute for Policy Affairs.

Let's first talk about the SLBM itself. You saw the images released by the KCNA.
What's your assessment of this missile? Is this the one unveiled by the North back in January?

Some analysts say the submarine launched missile test this time could be aimed at more quickly fielding an operational missile submarine. Would you agree with that and why is this a bigger threat?

Just hours after North Korea announced its SLBM launch, President Moon paid a visit to the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2021 where he stressed the importance of defense technologies for national security.
Essentially, are we seeing the two Koreas flexing their respective military muscles by showcasing their latest developments in weapons technology despite growing efforts to induce North Korea to return to denuclearization talks?

Now, the launch came as the intel chiefs of South Korea, the U.S. and Japan were in Seoul to discuss North Korea AND as the nuclear chief envoys of the three countries were meeting in Washington to figure out ways to bring Pyeongyang back to the negotiations table - EVEN mulling ways to declare a formal end of the Korean War. Do you think the timing of the launch could be a message of some sort?

Pyeongyang so far has rejected overtures such as Washington's proposal to talk without any preconditions, accusing the United States and South Korea of talking diplomacy while ratcheting up tensions with their own military activities. What is the North waiting for? What does it want from the U.S. and South Korea? Surely not a counter strike from the U.S.

The UN Security Council will reportedly hold a closed-door meeting some time today to discuss North Korea in the wake of the latest missile test.
Pyeongyang is barred from testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons under international law.
Can we expect anything out of the ordinary from the UNSC this time? How do China and Russia feel about this?

Go Myong-hyun, our senior North Korea analyst from Asan Institute for Policy Studies thank you for your insights. We appreciate it.
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