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World News: China sends 52 warplanes into Taiwan defense zone on Monday Updated: 2021-10-05 12:06:42 KST

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Taiwan's Defense Ministry said Monday, that 52 Chinese warplanes made incursions into its air defense identification zone, marking the highest number since the island began publicly reporting such activities last year.
The latest incursions come after 39 Chinese military planes flew into the zone on Saturday.
Among the 52 Chinese aircrafts that flew through the zone, 34 J-16 fighter jets, 12 H-6 bombers, two SU-30 fighters, two Y-8 anti-submarine warfare planes, and two KJ-500 were sighted by the defense ministry.
The map released by the ministry showed that all 52 incursions were spotted at the extreme southwestern part of Taiwan's ADIZ.
In response to the Chinese activity, radio warnings were issued, with air defense missile systems also being deployed to monitor the incursions.
China's state-run Global Times on Sunday said the People's Liberation Army was conducting "expanded drills" near the island.
However,.. the incursions do not violate Taiwan's sovereign airspace, which extends 12 nautical miles from its coast.
Since last October, 145 incursions by Chinese warplanes have been reported by Taiwan.

If you're asking how some of the world's richest and most powerful people hide their money, the answer may be found in almost 12 million financial documents, known as the Pandora Papers.
According to a report by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, some of the current world leaders hid massive sums of money in overseas accounts.
This includes the King of Jordan, who secretly spent more than 100 million US dollars on a property empire in the UK and the U.S.
However, the papers also names current world leaders such as Czech president Andrej Babis, Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, Ecuador's leader Guillermo Lasso, as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin.
However, they're just among a handful of more than 330 current and former politicians identified as beneficiaries of secret accounts.
According to the report, many accounts were designed to evade taxes and conceal assets.
The Pandora Papers are a follow-up to a similar report released in 2016, known as the 'Panama Papers', which was compiled by the same journalistic group.

Finally over in Oman,.. at least 13 people are dead after tropical storm Shaheen ravaged the country on Monday.
Cars and roads were submerged in heavy floodwaters, with the storm carrying winds of between 120 and 150 kilometers per hour at its peak.
Oman's state TV showed people in flooded areas being rescued by helicopter, while tractors ploughed through mud.
The storm was initially labeled a cyclone, before losing power over land, to downgrade to a tropical storm.
Lee Seung-Jae, Arirang News.
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