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Delta variant sees fast rise in S. Korea as it accounts for more 85.3% of cases last week Updated: 2021-08-18 09:51:31 KST

Do-yeon, let's talk about the Delta variant.
How is the country coping with that?

Mark, the Delta variant is now the most common variant type in the country, and it's actually picking up even more speed as well.
Last week, the Delta variant made up more than 85 percent of more than 32-hundred random positive samples authorities conducted tests on.
That's more than a 12 percent rise compared to the week before and an 80 percent rise compared to the month before.
Adding to the concern was the confirmation of a Delta variant plus case the third in the country.
However the confirmed patient had been in strict isolation before being confirmed so authorities believe there have been no further transmissions associated with this case.
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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