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Chances of peace process revival amid N. Korean moves toward SLBM Updated: 2021-04-21 15:13:10 KST

In an interview with the New York Times, President Moon Jae-in stresses the need for U.S. President Joe Biden to engage with North Korea.
His remarks comes before a summit with President Biden in Washington next month and a virtual summit on climate change later this week.
Will the series of the meetings help find much-needed momentum for dialogue?
For more, Reading Between North Korean Lines with our senior North Korea analyst, Dr. Go Myong-hyun.

Dr. Go, good to see you again.

Recently, satellite imagery from Beyond Parallel, a project by the U.S. CSIS think tank suggests that North Korea is gearing up to fire a submarine launched ballistic missile.
I'm sure the North is aware that the world is watching its every move regarding such launches.
Some experts say the North may not actually intend to fire an SLBM but just make moves indicating it may be, what's your take on this?

The Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, in a written statement submitted to the Senate Armed Service Committee this week stated North Korea continues to conduct activities that threaten regional stability and in cyberspace.
Given this assessment, how do you expect the U.S. to announce its results following its comprehensive review in handling issues regarding North Korean denuclearization?

South Korea's state-run KIDA, a think tank affiliated with the Ministry of National Defense, reported that the deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons with less than 20 kilotons of explosive power on the Korean peninsula would be effective in curbing the expansion of North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.
Do you agree with this analysis?

Sources familiar with North Korea say China is to deliver fertilizers, essential for crop farming, to the North through train routes later this month.
It signals the resumption of two countries' trade for the first time since North Korea shuttered its border with China 15 months ago due to the coronavirus.
Do you think a summit between North Korea and China is to be held soon as pundits suggest?

President Moon Jae-in emphasized inclusiveness and multilateral cooperation in his address to China's Boao Forum for Asia ahead of his virtual summit with President Biden this week.
Pundits say his wording could be misinterpreted by the U.S. which emphasizes the strengthening of the alliance based on democratic values.
In an interview released today, he emphasized multi-phased steps for denuclearization.
How should we read into this given the growing Sino-U.S. rivalry?

There's been a lot of discussions about the political status in North Korea of Jo Yong-won, the secretary for Organizational Affairs of the party's Central Committee.
The 64-year-old was one of the top five people accompanying leader Kim Jong-un to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun last week to mark the anniversary of national founder, the late Kim Ill-sung's birth.
Some say he has beat out Kim's closest aide Choe Ryong-hae to rise to the position of Kim's number two.
What's your assessment?

Thank Dr. Go for ou insights tonight. We appreciate it.

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