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Pres. Moon aims to reach "inclusive recovery and takeoff" through Korean New Deal Updated: 2021-01-28 10:43:44 KST

Here on the local front.
President MOON JAE-IN addressed members of the ANNUAL World Economic Forum VIRTUALLY yesterday afternoon Korea time HIGHLIGHTING Korea's vision for a post-pandemic era of recovery.
I have Kim Dami here in the studio.
Welcome Dami.

Good afternoon, Sunhee.

Tell us more about the details of his speech.

Sure. President Moon Jae-in said Korea is aiming for inclusive recovery and next-level growth in the post-pandemic era.
Moon said Korea had mitigated the economic fallout of the pandemic by helping its most vulnerable citizens to get back on their feet.
According to many forecasts, Korea's economy is expected to recover to pre-pandemic levels in the first half of this year and achieve the highest growth in the OECD.
He told the delegates about his administration's Korean New Deal initiative, which he said will be a great leap forward for the economy by creating more jobs and a more robust social safety net.

January 27, 2021
"With sustainable growth under the Digital New Deal and the Green New Deal, South Korea's economy will take a leap forward. Also, the New Deal for Balanced Regional Growth will ensure that regional economies will flourish and improve the quality of people's lives in a balanced way."

Korea is also planning to build low-carbon industrial clusters with the goal of achieving net-neutral carbon emissions by 2050.
The President touted Korea's world-leading IT infrastructure and its digital competitiveness, saying they create an ideal environment for trade and investment.
Many global companies and organizations tuned into President Moon's keynote address, parsing his remarks for policy hints and potential business opportunities.
When asked by a participant how the Korean New Deal could inspire other countries, President Moon encouraged other countries with similar goals to focus on their greatest asset.
In Korea's case, it is the country's digital prowess, which President Moon said was taken full advantage of to achieve inclusive growth for the benefit of all.

In other news.
Dami I hear new rules require foreign scholars coming into Korea to get more COVID-19 testings?

Right, starting this spring semester, all foreign students coming to Korea must get tested a total of three times.
First of all, they must submit negative COVID-19 test results upon their arrival.
Seoul's education ministry said Wednesday that students must get tested within a three-day window prior to their departure dates.
On their second day in Korea, they will get tested once more, and then another at the end of their two week self-quarantine period.
They will be free to go once they test negative both times.
If not, they will immediately get the treatment they need at local hospitals.
Just like last year, the education ministry is allowing foreign students to take online classes in their home countries.
In fact, the ministry is encouraging foreign students to do so for safety reasons.

Meanwhile there has been an UPTICK in movement nationwide and authorities are concerned?

Right. Following the easing of some restrictions, data shows that more people are now heading outdoors during weekends.
According to Statistics Korea, people's movement in the past weekend, was far higher than levels seen in the first few days of the year.

(KOREAN - ) January 26, 2021
"The movement of people on weekends is rapidly increasing once again. Last weekend in particular, it rose 12 percent compared to the week before. It also jumped by 31 percent compared to early-January."

This comes after the government decided around two weeks ago to allow people to sit inside cafes and reopen gyms and other venues.
This is leading to worries over a possible resurgence in the outbreak, especially ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays.
In fact, the government will announce its revised social distancing measures on Friday. in preparation for the long holidays.

And speaking of the holidays I understand workers in the tourism industry in Jeju Island will be tested for COVID-19 AFTER the lunar new year.

Right. So far, Jeju Island has been least-affected by the country's COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, it has reported no new case for the past four days.
And with lots of visitors expected during the upcoming holidays, the island is planning to carry out COVID-19 tests AFTER the holidays on workers at high-risk venues that are often visited by tourists.
Other Jeju residents can also get tested upon request.
Plus, all visitors will be encouraged to get tested at Jeju International Airport upon arrival and wait at the airport until the results come out.
There will also an app to download for visitors so that the island authorities can trace their movement during their trip.
Jeju officials say the app has been of great help in their contact tracing efforts.

That's good to know.
All right Dami as always thank you for that coverage.

My pleasure.
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