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Up to 20 geese plucked while alive to make one down jacket... but cruelty-free alternatives are available Updated: 2021-01-19 10:03:24 KST

The lower the temperature, the higher the demand for warm down feather jackets.

"But many know very little about how much animal cruelty is involved in creating one jacket.
To show you exactly how much animal feather goes into one coat, I'm going to rip apart this one apart.
All these feathers come from roughly 15 to 20 geese or ducks."

Some geese and ducks are bred on live plucking farms and when their feathers reach full maturity, people tear them out by hand.

"People pluck the animals when they're alive. They say it's difficult to pluck when the bodies have stiffened after death. So animals go through tremendous pain, and sometimes parts of their skin are torn out."

Activist Choi says that the geese are plucked once every 6 weeks, and up to 15 times during their lives.
Some even die of the pain.

"But with technology improving, there are now a lot of alternatives that can replace geese or duck feathers. These alternative fillings include wellon, primaloft, and thinsulate.

Recently, the demand for cruelty-free fashion is increasing, and a growing number of companies are specializing in ethical "vegan" clothing.

"Vegan coats are coats that are ethically made, without any kind of animal cruelty We wanted to put an end to such cruelty, so we have replaced geese feathers with 3M thinsulate.

Synthetic fibers like 3M thinsulate can serve as an alternative to animal feathers.
Besides being cruelty-free, they also offer many other benefits.

"It's warmer and lighter than animal feathers, and it's even waterproof and functional."

If you already own a down feather jacket, don't just throw it away.
Activists say that this will just lead to more environmental waste.
Rather, they recommend wearing what you already have for as long as you possibly can, and when it's time for another jacket, keep the ethical alternative in mind.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News

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