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Smartphone battle in 2021: Samsung Galaxy S21, LG's rollable phone and iPhone 12 Updated: 2021-01-15 06:43:01 KST

It's been the start of a brand new year in tech this week as the annual Consumer Electronics Show virtually opened, revealing the latest state of the art technology that's set to seep into our lives. And no technology can be more embedded in our lives than our smartphones.
Samsung released its flagship Galaxy S21 phones on Thursday, U.S. time, which was overnight in Korea, and LG Electronics earlier this week showcased the first-ever rollable smartphone.
So what new features and trends can we expect at the tip of our fingers this year?
We discuss some of the exciting developments we've recently seen with Stephen Fenech, Editor of Tech Guide based in Sydney.
We welcome back JR Reagan, CEO of IdeaXplorer based in Daejeon.

Stephen: Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S21 this week. What do you think are some of its winning features? and are they good enough to compete with the iPhone 12?

James: What stood out to you about Samsung's latest Galaxy line-up? Do you think dropping its Note line was a good idea?

Stephen: LG showed off its rollable phone this year at CES. What was your reaction and can it help LG win over mobile users, in a market that's largely dominated by Samsung, Apple and Huawei?

James: What kind of limitations do you think LG has faced in making its smartphones globally popular, and do you think their rollable phone will help turn things around?

James: Do you think the competition will be squarely between Samsung and Apple in the Korean market, given that the iPhone 12 now comes with 5G?

Stephen: We've seen a lot about 5G phones. It was first commercialized in 2019, available on Samsung phones in South Korea and now the new iPhone 12 finally has it but most people are still using 4G or LTE. Even in Korea, there are still doubts about the speed and connectivity. Will 2021 be the year that 5G finally takes off?

James: How do you think the pandemic has affected the smartphone industry in major markets?

Stephen: What key mobile trends are you expecting to see in 2021?

That was Stephen Fenech, Editor of Tech Guide based in Sydney and JR Reagan, CEO of IdeaXplorer joining us from Daejeon. Thank you for your time.

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