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CES 2021: Digital healthcare accelerates to connect patients and doctors during pandemic Updated: 2021-01-13 17:12:12 KST

From wearable devices to telehealth and virtual care.
At this year's CES, global healthcare leaders are focused on connecting patients with doctors more easily during the pandemic, through ever more personalized solutions that are tuned to meet the needs of users.
This means healthcare has partly moved out of hospitals.
Global healthcare leader Philips is highlighting a remote monitoring system for pregnant women.
They can put sensors on their belly at home that connect with hospitals to ensure their unborn baby is growing well.
And this is part of Philips' goal to develop smart devices that understand potential health issues.

"If you stick this little thing on your body, it will start understanding you, it will start understanding your vital signs and then we want to contextualize and make sure that we can turn that into guidance."

For those concerned about their blood pressure, OMRON VitalSight is introducing its everyday blood pressure management devices.
These gadgets send real-time data to a mobile app as well as to clinicians,providing remote guidance to the user.
Along with other global health tech leaders, South Korean healthcare startup M2S is at CES with its Best Of Innovation award winning product, VROR EYE Dr.
Using AI and VR techniques, people can analyze their eyesight at home as well as receive treatment.
The virtual space created by VR allows various tests and treatments to be done in a small space.

"The trend in digital health is developing in a way to provide medical services to the broader public in a more convenient way. It'll become miniaturized, personalized and more accessible for the public."

The digital healthcare solutions at CES 2021 show patients and doctors and healthcare worker to healthcare worker can be connected even during this pandemic,offering broader healthcare opportunities to the public.
Kim Sung-min, Arirang News.
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