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Up to 5 cm of Snow Forecast for S. Korea's Central Region.. Traffic Congestion During Evening Commute Updated: 2021-01-12 17:34:27 KST

It's a snowy Tuesday evening here in Seoul.
Hello and welcome to our viewers in Korea and all around the world. It's great to have you with us.
We begin tonight with a heavy snow advisory issued in South Korea's capital region.
The cold wave has eased but several areas of the country are once again under a blanket of snow.
Our Lee Seung-min is out live in southern Seoul.
Seung-min, I hope you are wrapped up warm with all the snow we have.
It was snowing quite heavily in the nation's capital earlier in the afternoon.
What's it looking like now?

Hi, Connyoung. I'm out in front of the Seoul Arts Center in southern Seoul.
The Korea Meterological Agency issued a heavy snow advisory for all parts of Seoul by 4:30 p.m. today.
An advisory is issued when snowfall is expected to reach 5 centimeters or more within 24 hours.
A snow plowing operation IS currently underway with 8-thousand personnel and more than 1-thousand snow removal trucks deployed citywide.
Other parts of the country also under a heavy snow advisory are parts of Chungcheongnamdo Province, Jeollabukdo Province and Jeollanamdo Province.
Most of the southernmost island of Jeju is also the advisory with its mountainous areas expected to receive up to 9 centimeters of snow.

Seungmin, last week the snow caused havoc out on the roads because one, it was unexpected, two the freezing temperatures and three, it came just about at this time, the evening commute hours. How are the traffic conditions?

Well, things are better today, Connyoung. For one, temperatures are much higher now at xx degrees Celsius.
The weather agency, however, recommends taking public transportation on their evening commute home this evening as they expect snow to continue into the evening causing traffic congestion.
The City of Seoul has begun operating more buses and subways from 6 pm tonight to 10 pm.
The same for tomorrow morning - from 7 am to 9:30 am and tomorrow evening, as well.
So, try to take public transport if you can. If you're driving, be extra cautious as roads are slippery tonight.
That's it from me for now, but I'll be back later in the newscast.

Thanks, Seungmin. Our Lee Seungmin out in the streets of Seoul with the weather update.
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