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Tehran will resume compliance with nuke deal if U.S. demonstrates good faith: Iranian FM Updated: 2020-12-04 10:02:11 KST

Iran is calling for some give-and-take, when it comes to its nuclear issues.
Tehran's foreign minister Javad Zarif is urging the U.S. and Europe to rejoin their nuclear deal.
He signaled Thursday that Iran will comply with the agreement to scale down its nuclear programs, if they also keep their promise to lift sanctions.
He was referring to the 2015 agreement signed during the former Obama administration.
That deal led to a substantial improvement in their bilateral ties.
But in 2018, President Trump unilaterally withdrew the U.S. from the agreement.
And tensions have been escalating in recent days following the assassination of Tehran's top nuclear scientist.
Iran swiftly accused Israel - one of Washington's major allies and vowed retaliation.
Following the killing, Iran's parliament passed a bill to push for stepping up its uranium enrichment program.
If approved, it would be a major move toward Iran having a nuclear weapon.
But the government promptly said it could not change Iran's internationally promised nuclear policy.
Iran remains cautious given the timing just under two months before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.
Biden the former vice president during the Obama administration has previously said he's committed to returning to the deal.
That would mean, he said, lifting sanctions imposed by President Trump during his "maximum pressure" policy.
However, for that to happen, Biden stressed mutual compliance, hinting that it could depend what Iran has to give when it talks about 'give-and-take'.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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