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Exhibitions and performances to enjoy this weekend; Special exhibition 'After Every Winter Comes Spring' at National Museum of Korea Updated: 2020-11-27 17:06:03 KST

It's Friday which means our arts and culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung joins me to let us know how we can replenish creative minds and artistic souls.
Hello there, Bokyoung. So, tonight, you bring us quite a meaningful exhibition just right for all of us marching through these challenging times - especially, those of us having to stay away from family this Thanksgiving due to Covid.

That's right, Conn-young, to soothe our minds and to assure us that these tough times will one day pass, the museum opened up a new exhibition titled 'After Every Winter Comes Spring'.
It includes celebrated Joseon era scholar Kim Jeonghui's 'Handscroll of Wintry Days' that depicts harsh times along with well-known Joseon era painter Kim Hong-do's paintings of delightful days in Spring.
Let me give our viewers a glimpse of the exhibition.

The 'Handscroll of Wintry Days', national treasure number 1-hundred-80.
The scroll is 14-meters long and made up of four parts, the second of which is 'Wintry Days'.
Kim Jeonghui drew this in order to express his gratitude to his student Yi Sangjeok for sending him books and letters while he was in exile on Jeju island.
As he endured a cold, harsh winter, he got to appreciate the firm and upright spirit of pine and cypress trees to which he likened to his student's steadfast loyalty, using simple brushstrokes of sparse ink on rough paper.
The artwork was donated by art collector Sohn Chang-kun, and is the centerpiece of a new exhibition at the National Museum of Korea.
The exhibition's curator says the handscroll also shows how scholars appreciated art at the time.

"Lots of visitors are surprised when they see long statements written next to the painting. Yi Sangjeok, who received the painting, showed it to 16 Qing Dynasty scholars who admired Kim's work and wrote the statements. Korean scholars too have written how they are overwhelmed by it, thus the scroll became more than 14 meters long."

After wintry days are over, spring always comes.
To show that, the museum came up with a media art exhibition presenting the 'Welcoming Banquets for the Governor of Pyeong-an'.
Media art technology is used so people can enjoy the details of three paintings showing a journey by the governor of Pyeongan-do Province, including jubilant banquets held at Yeongwangjeong and Bubyeongnu Pavilion and the Daedonggang riverside.

"A total of 2590 people appear in the paintings and normally it's hard to see the details of all those people. Through the different casts, drawings can be appreciated differently, so we prepared a very big screen and nine monitors to show them in large scale."

The paintings are attributed to Kim Hong-do an exceptional Joseon Dynasty artist.
Visitors can enjoy the exhibition until the end of January.

After every storm, there is a rainbow. Hopefully, we will all together weather this storm out.
Are there any other special events we can enjoy this weekend?

This week I'd first like to recommend some online shows as I'm sure lots of people will be staying home this weekend.
Globally-recognized dance theater master Crystal Pite’s latest work 'Revisor' will be streamed online at a price of around 11 U.S. dollars.
Then there's 'Celandine' a heart-warming puppet play perfect for families with children.
The play helps children understand the unconditional love of their parents and will be streamed online via Naver TV channel 'ARKO'.
For classical music loversthe National Chorus of Korea presents Handel's 'Messiah'.
The show will be streamed online on December 1st via Naver TV.
Now moving on to offline performances.
At Lotte Concert Hall, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra has prepared some serenades by composers from the Classical and Romantic periods.
Those who are fans of the Moomins characters from a series of books and a comic strip by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson, should visit GROUNDSEESAW Seongsu.
Finally, Ennio Morricone was an award-winning composer who made more than 4-hundred scores for movies such as 'Cinema Paradiso'.
He died this year and to honor his works, there will be a tribute performance at Lotte Concert Hall this Sunday.

As always, thank you Bo-kyoung for sharing with us where to go to enjoy some culture this weekend.

Thank you.
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