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S. Korea's fusion device 'KSTAR' runs for 20 seconds at 100 million degrees Celsius Updated: 2020-11-25 10:02:10 KST

South Korea's magnetic fusion device 'KSTAR' has set a new world record in maintaining super-hot plasma., a state of extreme heat required for fusion power.
Fusion energy has long been regarded as the next green power source but extremely high temperatures are needed to create it.
With this in mind, 'K-STAR', used to produce viable fusion power similar to the sun, is a groundbreaking achievement that may potentially pave the way for limitless generation of clean energy.
According to the state-run Korea Institute of Fusion Energy on Tuesday, the device successfully operated at a temperature of 100-million degrees Celsius for 20 seconds generating intense heat, seven times hotter than the center of the sun.

"The great achievement was that the ultra-high temperature plasma was able to be maintained for a long time without any instabilities or changes with a better controlled external temperature."

The latest record doubled the best time of 8 seconds from the previous year, and saw a bigger jump from its first ever record of 1.5 seconds in 2018.
Globally, no other fusion power plant has managed to run for more than 10 seconds.
By the year 2025, the institution aims to maintain this plasma temperature for 300 seconds.

The technical achievement will be shared with researchers from all around the world during the International Atomic Energy Agency's Fusion Energy Conference in May 2021.

Choi Min-jung, Arirang News.
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