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Covid-19 Sickens Nearly 40 mil. Worldwide: Analysis Updated: 2020-10-19 16:12:23 KST

The coronavirus pandemic has now sickened nearly 40 million people worldwide according to the coronavirus resource center at Johns Hopkins University.
More than 1.1 million people and died and the virus has been detected in nearly every country across the globe.
Still, many nations are struggling to keep the virus under control.
South Korea, meanwhile, has been seeing a downward trend in daily tally since a latest surge a couple of weeks ago and after the nation raised its coronavirus restrictions to unprecedented levels.
With the downward trend, social distancing level has been leveled down again to the lowest on its three-tier system.
Ten months into Covid-19, where we stand. Let's talk about it.
Live in the studio with me is Dr. David Kwak, Physician at Soonchunhyang University.

Dr. Kwak, welcome to the show.

First of all, what's behind this second wave? Will we continue to see "waves" of Covid for the next few years?

Meanwhile, for many, hopes of a return to normality lie with a vaccine.
Following accelerated development, Phase 3 testing of several candidates is under way.=The World Health Organization is tracking 196 vaccine studies. Of these, 42 are undergoing clinical trials on humans, and eight are in phase three: large-scale trials to test their effectiveness.
Where are we in terms of vaccine development?

China and Russia have already approved some vaccines for limited use. The Wuhan Institute of Biological Products has a vaccine being used on health workers in the UAE, and says the Chinese government has approved its use in more than 100-thousand people.
CanSino Biologics is testing its vaccine on Chinese soldiers.
How reliable are these vaccines?

What we're also learning is that scientists pushing to allow the coronavirus to circulate freely among healthy young people until herd immunity is reached have found a receptive audience inside the White House.
Herd immunity: How well is the concept received by medical experts there and are White House officials' remarks that the controversial approach is in line with President Trump's existing strategy worrisome?

Early in the coronavirus outbreak, hospital data from China revealed a startling disparity: Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus, was killing far more men than women.
CDC data shows by mid-October, the coronavirus had killed almost 17-thousand more American men than women.
A UK data shows for every 10 women claimed by the disease in the United States, 12 men have died.
Is this disparity due behavioral difference or biological?

As the Coronavirus Surges, a New Culprit Emerges: Pandemic Fatigue
When the coronavirus began sweeping around the globe this spring, people worldwide canceled weddings and vacations, cut off visits with grandparents and hunkered down in their homes for what they thought would be a brief but essential period of isolation.
But summer did not extinguish the virus. And with fall has come another dangerous, uncontrolled surge of infections that in parts of the world is the worst of the pandemic so far.
Experts worry the biggest threat now are pandemic fatigue and apathy.
Do you agree with this and how should we deal with it?

South Korea added 76 new coronavirus cases today marking the fourth day in a row that it's been below 1-hundred. School children returned to face-to-face classes today.
First graders, in particular, started going to classes every day from today.
Should parents and teachers be worried about this at all? What are some precautionary measures that should be taken?

Although it's slightly down from yesterday's triple digit increase, health authorities remain on their toes as new cluster infections emerge around nursing hospitals.
What do these latest cluster cases tell us about the overall Covid situation in this country and what do the average person like myself be extra careful about?

Dr. David Kwak, Physician at Soonchunhyang University, many thanks for your insights this evening. We appreciate it.
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