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Doctors strike against gov't's healthcare reform plans; rallies held in major cities Updated: 2020-08-14 17:15:41 KST

In response to the government's proposed healthcare reform plans, doctors across the nation went on strike for a second time on Friday and some even took to the streets to voice their opinion.
There were more than 10 thousand doctors at this Friday's rally, including interns and residents from all across the country.

“The doctors ended the rally by marching to the Democratic party headquarters, chanting they won’t back down. So many joined they exceeded the space they had reserved for the rally.”

Doctors are opposing four key topics.
An expansion to the medical student quota, the establishment of public medical schools, the inclusion of oriental medicine, and the development of non-contact diagnosis.
It is believed that the government's policies are not the right way to approach the issue of providing high quality medical care to those in medically-neglected areas.
Instead, they said the government doesn't know anything about the industry.

"The government didn't spend even a dime to help us buy textbooks, but now they see us as public property. Seeing their attitudethinking we're just expendable, I am sure this is just the beginning to their destruction of our healthcare system."

This time around, doctors from local clinics joined the strike with around a quarter reporting closures on Friday.
While this isn't a large percentage, it caused inconveniences for people seeking urgent care.

"I came here to get help because I have a swollen eye. I even used some of my vacation days to come."

Those who discovered that their local clinics were closed had to go to emergency rooms at major hospitals.
The Korean Medical Association had promised that emergency rooms and medical services that directly affect the lives of patients would not close.
The government has been asking the KMA for talks and urging them to cancel the strikes, but the two are yet to come together for negotiations.
Kim Do-yeon, Arirang News
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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