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Heavy downpours expected in S. Korea's capital region from Sat. evening Updated: 2020-08-08 13:31:37 KST

After days of seeing heavy downpours here in Seoul, torrential rain is expected to pound the central region once again.
Our Kim Sung-min is at Jamsu Bridge, a low-lying bridge often used to gauge the level of rain in the capital.
Sung-min, how's it looking out there?

Dami, we've been seeing on-and-off showers this afternoon here at Jamsu Bridge but mostly off since the rain has been concentrated in the southern parts of the country from last night.
Also, because the Paldang dam has been releasing the reduced amount of backed up water from last night, the water level of the Han River has significantly lowered compared to yesterday., staying just above 7 meters higher than usual.
The previously submerged car park and trees have reappeared and are now visible.
However, Jamsu Bridge is still completely below the floodwater.
The bridge has been closed for 7 days now. It will remain like this until the water level goes down below 6.2 meters, which is the level at which the road could reopen.
Right now, some other roads that had been restricted like the Olympic and Dongbu expressways are now open, but this could change if the water rises again, so be sure to check for traffic updates.

Should we also expect more rain during the rest of the weekend?

Quite a lot of rain is expected tonight here in the capital region 30 to 60 millimetres per hour.
By tomorrow, some parts in the central area will have seen rain of up to 300 millimeters as the rain clouds are quickly moving towards the upper parts of the country.
Parts of southern regions like the Jeolla-do Provinces are still seeing heavy showers of 30 to 40 millimeters per hour, but the heavy downpours are likely to ease up by tomorrow afternoon.
Also, the whole country except for Jeju Island is now under the highest level of landslide alert, so people should refrain from going outdoors and should take extra caution in mountainous areas.
As of 10:30 this morning, 21 deaths had been reported related to this year's monsoon with 11 missing and over 3000 refugees.
Back to you Dami.
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