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VJ Indoor rock climbing Updated: 2020-08-07 17:04:23 KST

You can't do rock climbing with only your legs
For this sport, you have to use your arms, too
So using both your legs and arms means
you have to use all the muscles in your body
So you can look at it as a whole-body workout
I like rock climbing because I can work out my whole body
It especially helps with my upper body
I like that I can work out with a lot of other people
I also feel a sense of accomplishment
People gather on a weekday night
Enjoying rock climbing indoors for fun and health
Climbing man-made rock walls indoors
Good for cardio and endurance training
An effective exercise for strength and endurance
And good for the brain because have to figure out your course
Always popular because it's indoors away from the heat and rain
Popular among the young generation
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