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Spending night at templestay this summer Updated: 2020-08-09 16:36:36 KST

This six-hundred-year-old temple can be found halfway up Bukhansan Mountain in Seoul.
People can stay at the Geumsunsa Temple and learn the daily life of a monk.
Even though it's in the mountains, COVID-19 measures still apply.
The employees check visitor's temperatures and disinfect the area.
English translations are offered for non-Korean speakers.
After a few hours, a dinner with healthy vegetables is prepared.
Buddhists don't have to be vegetarians, but they believe in not taking the lives of animals. Another aspect of Buddhism is to have the right amount of food without creating any waste.
Later in the evening, it's the time for one-hundred-eight prostrations.
This is about bowing one-hundred-eight times to Buddha.
To do so, people must endure pain, forget about trivial problems, and focus on themselves.
The next day starts with a ceremony at five in the morning.
Afterwards, people can enjoy their free time or attend other events at the temple.

"This is "singing bowl meditation." The monk makes sound waves to help participants relax and empty their minds."

People lie down on the floor, listen to the sound waves and try to empty their mind.

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"It felt like I forgot who I was. I came here to understand how I feel and what I really want."

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"I got a vacation and thought that I could rest at the temple. I've been working so hard during the past year and I wanted to reward myself."

Over some tea, visitors can freely talk about their worries and receive advice from the monk.

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"People can be free from their daily life when they are the owners of their minds. They have to know what they want and what kind of life they want to live."

Monk Seonwoo told visitors not to compare themselves with others.
The past is past and the future hasn't come,so live in the present.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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