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Stormy weather with massive amount of rain Updated: 2020-08-05 05:57:25 KST

And now we bring in our weather caster Lee Jee-hyun for what to expect throughout the day.
Jee-hyun, morning commuters need to brace for strong downpours, what are we looking at?

Good morning. A monsoonal front is right now staying in North Korea and it's been raining in the northern parts of Gangwon-do Province but soon it will restart in the capital region.

Central western regions will receive 50 to 100 millimeters an hour between 9 am to noon, we are looking at possibly up to 400 millimeters into Friday, other regions will also see heavy rains.

Typhoon Hagupit dissipated near Shanghai in China at 3 am this morning but as an after effect it will bring strong winds and a massive amount of rainfall to central regions. A heavy rain warning remains in place across central South Korea we'll have to be particularly careful of stormy weather.

That's all for now but I will be back with more shortly.
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