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Simple Korean food for the social-distancing soul amid COVID-19 pandemic Updated: 2020-07-31 06:14:45 KST

COVID-19 has put many parts of the world under lockdown, forcing us to stay at home, distance ourselves from friends and family, and making our own fun.
As we look for new ways to enjoy some quality time at home, cooking has become a popular pastime, and one of the top hashtagged recipes is Korean food, or K-food.
From simple instructions on how to make Kimchi and mixed rice bowls or Bibimbap to Korean street-style toast and marinated beef, K-food is offering a dish for everyone amid this pandemic.
To hear about this growing appetite for Korean cuisine amid the pandemic, and also to hear what they're loving about K-food at the moment, we're joined by Cathlyn Choi, producer and host of Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen on PBS. Hi Cathlyn, thanks for joining us today.
We also have Matthew Chung, a celebrity chef based here in Seoul. It's great to see you.

Cathlyn: What's your favourite lockdown meal right now?

Matthew: What's your favorite dish recently?

Matthew: Your background is French cuisine so what got you into the K-food industry, and what sets it apart from the rest?

Cathlyn: What got you into the business of K-Food and what do you find unique about it?

Cathlyn: They call you the “Korean Food Ambassador” in the U.S. and you were the first in America to produce and host a Korean cooking show on TV. What were the challenges of making Korean food mainstream in the U.S.?

Cathlyn: How have your shows been received? Have you felt there's a growing interest in Korean food in the U.S.?

Matthew: Do you think Korean cuisine is getting more attention in the culinary world, among other chefs as well?

Matthew: Which Korean foods or flavors do you think have really hit the spot with global foodies?

Cathlyn: Which Korean foods or flavors are becoming popular in the U.S.?

Cathlyn: I'd love to know more about your future projects. What other parts of Korean cuisine would you like to share with your global audience?

Matthew: Same question to you Matthew. What's next for you?

Cathlyn and Matthew: Can you recommend a really simple dish that we can make at home to comfort the social distancing soul? And also one that is healthy as we're all gaining a couple of pounds.

We're going to have to let you go. But thank you for joining us: Cathlyn Choi, producer and host of Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen on PBS. and Matthew Chung, chef and food critic in Seoul.

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