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Enjoying art and nature at the same time in Wonju city's Museum SAN Updated: 2020-07-16 06:00:27 KST

Space, art and nature.
Museum SAN is nestled in a beautiful natural location in the mountains.
The name "SAN" means "mountain" in Korean, but also, it's an acronym for the words "space," "art" and "nature.".
Museum SAN is located at an elevation similar to that of Namsan Seoul Tower.
The facilities extend over 7-hundred square meters along this natural mountain terrain, making the area's must-visit place.
Museum SAN was built by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, and it reflects his unique philosophy.
The Flower Garden has sculptures that lead visitors along a path through white birch trees, and immersing them in the vastness of their natural surroundings.

"At the Water Garden, visitors to the main building are greeted by a piece of artwork called - quite fittingly - "Archway."

Water surrounds more than half of the main building, making it feel like it's floating.
The architect Tadao Ando is said to have been inspired by the tombs of the ancient Silla kingdom, and so he arranged the Stone Garden with nine stone mounds.

"Architect Tadao Ando harmonizes nature with architecture very well and by using exposed mass concrete technique and stones from Paju on the outside of wall, Museum SAN looks unique."

"I personally liked architect Tadao Ando, and seeing how the Japanese architect built the museum in Korea using stones and trees along with exposed mass concrete techniques makes me comfortable."

Along with the building's beautiful natural surroundings, people can enjoy many different works of art, including a piece by Paik Nam-june, the well-known founder of video-art in South Korea.
Paik's 'Communication Tower' is located in the inner court of the building with the light coming from the circular window at the top.
There are also several exhibitions including one of abstract paintings, where you can even see works by famous artist Kim Whan-ki.
You can also meditate in a building that was given as a present by Tadao Ando to mark the museum's 5th anniversary.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News, Wonju.
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