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Seoul to hold official funeral for late mayor Park Won-soon Updated: 2020-07-10 17:02:32 KST

After Mayor Park was found, his body was taken to a hospital, so people have been able to pay their respects and express their condolences.
Our Kim Do-yeon is at the hospital where they're holding a wake for the late mayor.
Do-yeon, people in Korea are in shock. It must be a very somber atmosphere where you are right now.

Yes, Jung-hee, I'm at Seoul National University Hospital where the wake for Mayor Park is being held.
It's been bustling due to a lot of media here as you would expect waiting for any updates regarding the funeral process.
At noon today, the funeral home started taking visitors and is now open to the public.
We have seen many high-ranking public officials come for a visit, including President Moon Jae-in's top aides and the U.S. ambassador.
Some of the National Assembly members said a few words as they were leaving the funeral home.

"Aside from politics, I'm saddened by this as a high school friend of Mayor Park's. Just a few days ago, he and I were talking about local development. I never imagined this would happen."

Okay, so tell us briefly how the city willl deal with this unusual situation, including the funeral itself and the vacancy in the city's highest post.

Jung-hee, the city said earlier that the body will be moved on July 13th, and that the funeral will be a special mayoral ceremony in the five-day traditional Korean system.
This is the first time ever the city is hosting such event.
The city will set up a special memorial as well at City Hall for the public to pay their respects starting tomorrow.
In addition, the city said it now has an interim mayor, Park's deputy, Seo Jeong-hyup. He came out and said that he will make sure that the situation does not put people's safety in any danger.
He is due to stay in office until April 7th of next year at which point there'll be a by-election.
Back to you, Jung-hee.
Reporter : tkim@arirang.com
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