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Massive nationwide retail campaign 'Korea Donghaeng Sale' begins Friday Updated: 2020-06-26 10:10:20 KST

Let's start with something a touch lighter than we might normally do.
If you are watching us in South Korea, now might be a good time to take advantage of some mega bargains.
That's because a massive retail campaign is now on.
It's a national initiative to boost domestic consumption, which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak.
We go to our Eum Ji-young who's in Busan at one of the first local on-site events. How are things looking there, Ji-young?

Mark as you said, if you are in the mood for shopping then now's the time as this year's nationwide retail campaign is in full swing.
Here at Bexco, in Busan for the 'Busan Brand Festa', there are lots of products on display which can be picked up for a bargain price.
There are more than 185 booths showcasing a wide range of products from fashion items to food and home appliances. The majority of the booths are for local companies in Busan.
At a section called "live station", live shows promoting local goods are broadcast online for those consumers who are not onsite.
As this is the first large-scale retail festival during the pandemic, the organizers are taking virus prevention measures including disinfection work.

Aside from this event, fill us in on this nationwide sale campaign that South Korea is holding.

What you see in the background is just a glimpse of the retail campaign being held across South Korea, dubbed the 'Korea Donghaeng Sale', which runs for two weeks starting today.
The Korean word 'Donghaeng' means to go along together. More than 5,000 retailers are taking part across the country, from conglomerates to local mom-and-pop stores.
Consumers can get the biggest discounts online under the theme of 'buy value and live together', where small and medium-sized firms are pitching whopping discounts of up to 99 percent.
Neighborhood grocery stores are selling vegetables at up to 10-percent below their wholesale prices.
At traditional marketplaces, consumers will be getting 20-percent of all the money they spend back in the form of local gift certificates.
And major supermarkets, department stores, online shopping malls, electronics manufacturers, and automakers are providing special deals as well.
At some local events, celebrities will be on hand to promote local products, details of which can be found on the Korea Donghaeng Sale website.
This is all I have for now but I'll bring more updates in a later newscast. Back to you Mark.
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