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Expert's take on situation on 2nd anniversary of Singapore summit between N. Korea and U.S. Updated: 2020-06-12 10:03:55 KST

Let's get an expert's take on the current state of affairs on this second anniversary of the first ever North Korea-U.S. summit in Singapore.
I'm happy to say we have North Korea expert Go Myong-Hyun, Research Fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, on the line to discuss we stand two years on.

Doctor Go, watching the video of that day seems like yesterday not two years ago. It was a genuinely historic event. There was hope something concrete could come of it. Now we have the benefit of hindsight, was it little more than a photo opp for the two leaders?

You could say there was some progress between Singapore and the so-called 'no deal' Hanoi summit the second Kim-Trump summit was that the moment the wheels truly came off in terms of denuclearization?

In the run up to the presidential election, President Trump will likely tout his diplomatic outreach to North Korea, stressing that the North hasn't tested any nuclear bombs or launched any ICBMs since Singapore. Do you think that was all President Trump was interested in kicking the can down the road on denuclearization but stopping the provocations?

We've been seeing North Korea ramp up its aggressive rhetoric mostly toward South Korea but we are seeing this drip-drip-drip of anti-American remarks. Is North Korea just fed up with not being the center of attention or is something more sinister happening? And how should Seoul deal with it?

Quickly, before we let you go, how's this is going to unfold in the coming months? A return to provocations or just more aggressive, but essentially empty rhetoric?

Thank you very much, Doctor Go. Go Myong-Hyun, Research Fellow at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies. We appreciate your insights.

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