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Could South Korea become biohealth industry leader? Updated: 2020-05-27 05:08:27 KST

All around the world, medical supplies have been the most sought-after commodity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as countries rush to secure what they can due to the shortage of protective masks, reliable test kits and other equipment needed by doctors and nurses.
However, South Korea's health sector has received global acclaim for its rapid response to the pandemic as well as its fast tracing abilities and its development of test kits, and it has been supplying them to some 110 countries.
Given the positive response to the quality and effectiveness of South Korean medical products, President Moon Jae-in said earlier this month that the government will focus on biohealth as one of the three new growth engines for South Korea.
To discuss the potential of K-Bio, we have joining us today Dr. Kim Cho-il, Executive Director of Korea Health Industry Development Institute.
Thank you for joining us today

1. South Korea's COVID-19 test kits have received global attention for their quality and accuracy. How was it possible to achieve such high quality kits within such a short period of time?

2. South Korea was also under the spotlight for its innovative means of testing such as drive thru testing, even phone box testing. What enabled such creativity?

3. South Korean researchers are also involved in developing a vaccine. What kind of government support are they getting (regulatory, research grants, etc)?

4. Does South Korea have the capacity to quickly develop a working vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 and what advantage does K-bio have?

5. What is South Korea's current level of bio technology and drug development and which areas of new biotech and drugs.

Should South Korea focus this as a new source of industrial growth?

To stimulate growth in key areas of biotech and medical R&D, what further support do scientists need to foster a medical ecosystem in the country?

That's all we have time for today but thank you so much for joining us Dr. Kim Cho-il, Executive Director of Korea Health Industry Development Institute.

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